Art and how I managed to make lockdown work for me and help with anxiety

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Strange times, I wanted to share with you how my art helped me in lockdown.

Living on your own at a time of such uncertainty is quite frightening, I know a lot of people in the same position deal with these times differently.

I wanted to tell you a bit about how I‘m managing, difficult to talk about but thought I’d give it a go. I’m not a writer by any means so please bare with me.

I've been in the art world for over 50 years, have worked in so many different media’s from large corporate commissions in oils and acrylics to where I am now. you could say I’ve gone full circle. I started drawing when I was knee high scribbling on anything i could get my hands on and with anything that made a mark. I always felt excited at the prospect of putting my imagination down on paper visualising my dreams, wonderful so much fun, I couldn’t even go to sleep without my pencil and pad near me, scarred that I’d forget my ideas and storeys. I’ve had studios in various places, well if you call them that, that’s for another day. So back to art in lockdown, my new direction is that I always enjoyed the outdoors walking enjoying towns, cities but mostly the countryside and especially in the Cotswolds where I now live. I've always liked to be outside drawing that’s where I started by the riverbanks, woodlands drawing animals. I love to capture them as there move around, you have to be very quick and work on less detail.

Practice, practice, practice and to enjoy what you do. So you can imagine being in lockdown hit me as everyone like a bolt from the blue. I've been through odd days of depression up and down days, watching the news daily which to be honest you can get to much information.

Actually for the first time in many many years found it difficult to think of anything else

but this terrible Covid19 horrendous, in the early days I think a lot of people found it difficult to believe.

Anyways back to my art, after watching guess what “the news” I came across a report on how a portrait artist Tom Croft came up with an initiative to say thank you to our NHS and health care workers by offering a free portrait of a nominated NHS workers doctors and and nurses on the frontline who are all heroes #portraitsforNHSheroes which has now gone global. Hundreds of artists started to join in me included, even though I’m not a portrait painter I do create people in gesture, so not only did it help me focus it made me pick up my pencil again. So a big big thank you Tom. And a big thank you to our heroes.

I began to think how Mother Nature is carrying on in the outside world, thought about the animals I would normally see on my walks in the parks, countryside and woodlands. That started me wanting to give something to help take people’s mind off what was happening and to think about what we still have to enjoy once we all come out of this, so to date I create about 5 drawings a day and post on my online shop, which incidentally I created from scratch. 😊

I’ve been studying ways of getting my work out on social media and it’s given me focus and I’m determined to keep strong, stay positive and stay in and create again. I still have down days but at least I’ve got my pencil and paper.

I was so pleased when people started to enjoy and purchase my work and in the first week I started doing this I made about 9 sales, so excited it was amazing. I only sell original sketches at low prices do that everyone who enjoys my work can own an original piece.

When I think about it I’ve made some lovely friends as well as collectors just in that first week, lovely to have that interaction and I didn’t feel as isolated, which is a good thing. So for now I’ll be up and sketching indoors from memory and videos from last years adventures and hopefully soon I’ll be back out on location enjoying our wonderful world 🌍 maybe a different world from what we new before but a more appreciative world. A world full of kindness and understanding togetherness I would hope.

I have a lot more to say but for now I’ll end it there. Take care of yourselves stay positive and stay safe, Captain Tom quote “tomorrow will be a good day” and I’m sure he’s right.

God Bless


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