Creative Services

Art by Wendy Thompson is an independently owned design studio. My services also encompass illustrations, graphic design, identity branding, strategy and positioning, products, exhibitions, installations, website creation with digital experiences, and advertising.

A highly creative design studio where, as a solution based business, my work serves to meet the client's wishes and best interests. This reflects my conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and above all creativity.


I can help with creating a brand's visual identity by applying a unified system of design elements like logos, colours, typography, illustration, and photography. A brand's visual identity is the aesthetic embodiment of its positioning and personality.

I can help with creating covers, illustrations and assist with manuscript to printer’s specification.


  • layout 

  • editorial 

  • print publishing 

  • magazine

  • publication

  • indesign 

  • photography

  • digital art

  • ebook

  • type

  • art direction

  • drawing

  • artwork


Graphic Design

I work closely with my clients to develop unique and creative designs that provide a strong marketing message and a memorable impression of your business. My Graphic Design services include:

  • Logo Design

  • Brochures & Flyers

  • Print-Ready Advertisements

  • Custom Illustrations


My Illustration services create two-dimensional images for various companies and industries


Fashion Design

Children's Books


Medical Manuals

Web sites

Technical Designs



Various techniques are used to create effects, like the simplicity of black and white, the richness of colour, or the use of light and shadows.