Book Designs

3 stages of book illustration

1. My job is to depict the author’s story

Through my visual story-telling, I contribute my own creativity and ideas to the book – adding to the richness of the story is one of the great joys of being an illustrator.


2. The rough visual stage for a new book

Once I begin to read the story I tend to dream about what type of illustration technique I can use to best bring the pages and story to life.It’s exciting when this happens, I have to draw quickly to get all these ideas down onto my sketchbook.

I can then edit and work up the ideas using various media, if necessary I can turn my drawings into digital images and also animated characters.  I then forward my rough proofs over to the publisher for feedback.

Once the publisher is happy with my rough visuals.

3. I begin the final artwork.

From concept to completed each illustration can take 1-3 weeks to complete.

Books and Magazines
Little House Big House
The Way to Magic Land
Illustrated Album Cover
My Ocean Tree

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